Our first published book is Family Matters: Fragments and pieces of an emerging suite by Seán Gaffney. You can order the book from Amazon.com or Amazon.co.uk. Date of publication: June 15, 2018.

Summary: “Seán Gaffney looks back upon his life as a family member over generations, not by describing how things actually happened, but rather directing himself to each and one of his loved ones, living or dead; connecting and filling his poems with alive feelings of joy, sorrow, anger, confusion. Gaffney has a certain spirit of humour in his writing, although his memories indicate great suffering and grievance due to life circumstances. In this book you are introduced to Gaffney’s inner relations, not just within his family but also somewhat wider, and his love and longing for connection and participation on a deeper level of life and over time.”

Den första bok vi publicerar – Seán Gaffneys Family matters: Fragments and pieces of an emerging suite – finns nu att beställa hos Amazon.com i USA och Amazon.co.uk i England. Publiceringsdatum: 15 juni 2018.