Yesterday, on March 5th 2022, I got the sad news that Seán Gaffney had passed away earlier the same morning; dying peacfully in his sleep. He would have been 80 years old in August the 22nd this year.

Due to his health issues Seán has been more or less physically isolated during the last two years, since the pandemic started early 2020, and his writing has been his main focus and spiritual nutrition, resulting in the last three of his five suites of poems: Aspects of Ageing (May and July 2020), Four Suites (December 2020) and Journey through Mourning (November 2021).

These books are all for sale at this website as eBooks (downloadable PDF documents) or can be ordered as printed versions from BoD Bookshop, and other online bookstores – and of course from some physical bookstores as well.

Seán was a generous and caring friend, a teacher, therapist, organisation consultant, specialising in group work in a Field theoretical framework, supervisor, author and poet. In other words a multitalented and highly educated person with a curious mind and interest in all the foreign cultures he encountered during his professional work around the world. He had friends and trainees in both Eastern and Western countries, as well as Africa and Middle East.

We are many that will miss Seán’s presence; a presence that will continue living through his writing!