A few days ago we launched the second edition of Seán Gaffney’s suite of poems, Aspects of Ageing!
The reason for this is expressed in Seán’s preface in the new version, which you also may read below.

My non-professional writing is unplanned  and unstructured. So much so that my titles first appear during and/or after the writing, so that possible titles for individual pieces or even suites are not chiselled in stone until the stone is being raised or maybe even standing. For the first time, what I thought was a raised and inscribed stone was still being written on – and I was still the writer!
     Clearly, my new pieces were connected backwards to the original suite    and even forwards to my death and its earthly aftermath. Since all my poetry is grounded in my experience, including my memory of past events as a present experience, then my dying is clearly not yet an experience and its aftermath a mystery to me now with no longer a me then to reflect back on and write about.
     So having as usual sent each piece to Lars, illustrator and designer of all my suites and also publisher of the most recent two this one included – I proposed a second edition with a defined PROLOGUE, and an EPILOGUE to cover the new material.

Seán Gaffney
Stockholm, June 2020