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About us

Freedom Xpress was originally created in 2001, together with Elizabeth Revell, USA and Sharon Snir, Australia, as a website that inspired and made space for writing among Gestalt practitioners. The original site still exists, under ”Writing” in the menu above, but has been merely asleep since 2003.
In June 2018 however, Freedom Xpress has arisen from the ashes, like a Phoenix, in the new form of a Publishing House.

You are very welcome!

The first publication from Freedom Xpress is a book of poems by the Gestalt therapist and author of several books on Gestalt group theory and practice, Seán Gaffney. The title is Family Matters: Fragments and pieces of an emerging suite.

Seán Gaffney have released two books of poems.
The first one was published in December 2016, The Las Meninas Suite, where he in the form of poetry explored perceptual mirror references in the world of art, in relation to his inner, mental reflexions. By identifying with the different roles of the figures in Diego Velasquez’ painting ”Las Meninas” he gives life to both  the historical persons of the artwork and his inner relationships.

In his second poetry book, ”Family Matters”, from June 2018, he makes an even more personal journey in time, where he investigates his close relationships, with members of his his family of origin as well as with other important persons in his life.

In May 2020 was Seán Gaffney’s third suite of poems published, “Aspects of Ageing” and the release of this eBook is a simultaneous opening of our online Bookstore. Aspects of Ageing is only available as an eBook, in PDF format, which you may purchase in our webshop as a downloadable PDF file. The earlier two books are now also available as eBooks, downloadable as PDF files.

Editor and designer

Editor of the Freedom Xpress publishing house is Lars Berg, artist, Gestalt therapist and former editor of the Nordic Gestalt Journal (1995-2000) established by Seán Gaffney in 1993, Inspirationsguide för personlig utveckling och ledarskap (2003-2016) and today editor and CEO of Nätverket Gestalt i Sverige AB.


Lars Berg Egenart
Plogvägen 21
646 34 Gnesta

Open Hours

As we exist only online we have no open hours, or rather: we're always open!