Seán Gaffney

Seán Gaffney, Ph.D. is Irish by birth, culture and conviction, and a resident of Sweden since 1975.

He was trained as a Gestalt therapist at the Gestalt Academy of Scandinavia and as a Gestalt Organisational Consultant by the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, USA, on their International OSD programme, and is a trainer and supervisor in both applications internationally. He is a retired Senior Lecturer
in Cross-cultural Management at The Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden; Bocconi University Business School, Milan, Italy and SSE Riga, Latvia.

He is faculty/guest faculty at the Gestalt Academy of Scandinavia; GIC OSD ISC, Cleveland; Gestalt International Study Centre, Cape Cod, USA; Illawarra Gestalt Centre, Australia; Gestalt OD Centre, Accra, Ghana; Norwegian Gestalt Institute, Oslo, Norway; Nordic Gestalt Insitute, Fredensborg, Denmark and Gestalt Partners, Nyköping, Sweden.

Seán Gaffney published his first book of poems in December 2016: The Las Meninas Suite, and has since then devoted his writing to poetry. His second suite of poems were published in June 2018: Family Matters. And his third book was published in May 2020: Aspects of Ageing.


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